Skurge, Valkyrie And An All-Black Loki Feature In New Thor: Ragnarok Pics


Old friends become new enemies in Thor: Ragnarok, that much we know, and thanks to another helping of images from Empire Magazine (via CBM), we now have our latest peek at Taika Waititi’s blockbuster threequel.

Arriving hot on the heels of this morning’s two-fold cover reveal, these pictures are merely scans from the outlet’s latest issue, and are admittedly grainy compared to the real deal. Chances are Empire will go ahead and roll out their official, high-res counterparts in the coming days, at which point we’ll update the gallery below for your viewing pleasure.

Despite the quality, the pics still offer an exciting preview of Thor: Ragnarok and its star-studded cast, which includes such high-profile newcomers as Tessa Thompson as the “badass” Valkyrie and Karl Urban (Dredd) as the nefarious Skurge, both of whom will be introduced once Thor is dumped on the alien planet of Sakaar. Ruled by Jeff Goldblum’s eccentric oddball, The Grandmaster, Sakaar is famous in the Marvel comics for playing a prominent role in the Planet Hulk arc, and we know from previous reports that Waititi and his writing team have integrated some of those key elements into the story of the film itself.

Thor: Ragnarok is booked in for release on November 3rd. If Taika Waititi is to be believed, it’ll herald the funniest rendition of Marvel’s God of Thunder yet, and it seems much of that comedic interplay between Thor and Hulk can be traced back to Waititi’s push for improv and ad-lib during production. Exactly how that translates to the big screen is up for question at this early stage, but if the threequel’s spectacular trailers are anything to go by, fans can feel safe in the knowledge that Ragnarok will be the wackiest Thor movie yet. And we couldn’t be more excited.