Skyfall Is The Biggest Film Of All-Time In The UK

In what absolutely must be the result on an extreme act of combined patriotism, citizens of the UK have rallied together – presumably waving bottles of Heineken and wearing Omega watches – to make Sam Mendes’ Skyfall the country’s biggest film of all-time: the 23rd James Bond flick breached the record £94,030,000 mark in an amazing 14 days, pulling in a whopping £94,277,612. Which means that James Cameron’s sci-fi spectacle Avatar falls into a lowly 2nd place, presumably an occurrence that caused the director to stop what he was doing at the time and whisper, “Something’s wrong” – especially since it took his own film 11 months to reach those kind of figures in the UK.

Skyfall sees Daniel Craig returning as James Bond for a third outing, this time as M (Judi Dench) comes under personal attack when details from her “sinful” past threaten the lives of secret agents everywhere. The film also stars Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem. Skyfall, of course, has proven to be a huge financial success worldwide, having raked in $871 million and received widespread critical acclaim. Granted, Heineken and Omega sales have also risen, though we’re not exactly sure why or how that could be related to any of this.

Source: A.V. Club