Skyfall Becomes The UK’s Highest-Grossing Film Of 2012

What? But it’s only been out for two weeks! Well, the British love James Bond more than anybody could have ever predicted, apparently, given that Skyfall – which was directed by Sam Mendes and stars Daniel Craig in his third outing as Ian Fleming’s infamous spy – has become the UK’s highest-grossing film of 2012. Since its release on October 26th, the film has racked up a whopping £57 million, more than The Dark Knight Rises.

And it doesn’t stop there: the $200 million blockbuster has made $321 million worldwide so far. At this rate, Skyfall is certain to eclipse Casino Royale‘s record as highest-grossing Bond film ever when it’s released in the US this weekend. Casino Royale, which was also praised considerably for its gritty rehash of the iconic character, grossed $594 million back in 2006.

Skyfall has received universal acclaim so far and has even been called “the best Bond film ever” by a few critics (including ours). You can read our review here, in fact.

But despite all the good things happening around Skyfall, Daniel Craig has been reported to have said that he doesn’t want to be James Bond much longer and has been trying to get out of his contract since he signed up for the role. Taken out of context? Perhaps. But a damn shame if it turns out to be true.

What do you make of Skyfall‘s success, then? Is it deserved? Should Mendes return for another outing?

Source: The Guardian