Skyfall’s Sliding James Bond Promo Art Featured On New International Poster

Anyone who has been at the movies recently has likely seen a promotional standee for Skyfall featuring a sliding Daniel Craig with his gun drawn. Now, Hey U Guys has posted a new international poster for the film featuring the same image.

I think the poster is much more attractive than the cardboard standee. The first time I saw the standee I thought it looked flat and oddly cropped around Bond’s head. In fact, it’s really the only promotion piece so far that I haven’t been thrilled about. But when put on this poster, the image ends up looking pretty good.

A sharply-dressed, sliding Bond with his gun at the ready follows suit of the trailers and images we’ve seen previously, all making it seem that the action sequences in this film will be very well shot. Considering Bond is more often than not shown in black, it’s interesting that both this poster and the last banner released both show Craig in blue, but I honestly love the look.

Skyfall hits US theaters November 9th, and between now and then, Bond fans can expect much more to get them excited for the 23rd 007 film.

What do you think of this newest Skyfall poster? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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