Slytherin Is Trending Because Of Timothée Chalamet


Timothée Chalamet is one of those actors that can sneeze in public and get international attention. Case in point: the Dune actor did a Q and A session on @TwitterMovies wearing a green sweater.

Not just any sweater though, it was a Slytherin sweater. That’s right. That Slytherin, from Harry Potter. It’s a green zip-up with white stripes along the arms and just by wearing it, he got Slytherin trending.

The responses to the outfit were quick and legion.

Who knew Chalamet was house Slytherin?

Here’s some fun photoshop.

Some inside information.

Here’s some “fun” word association? I’m not sure what’s happening honestly but there’s a lot of this.

Here’s a controversial take.

This one’s not a bad idea actually.

The accomplishment would maybe not be as impressive if Chalamet was alone but his sweater somehow managed to even overshadow Zendaya, one of the most beautiful people on the planet.

The pair were doing press for the highly anticipated upcoming sci-fi epic. Chalamet plays Paul Atreides, heir to the house Atreides, a royal family that travels to the desert planet Arrakis to mine spice, one of the most coveted substances in the Dune universe.

During the interview, the pair were asked upcoming questions about the movie, like “what will surprise us most about Dune.”

“I would say even if you’re not into sci-fi or aren’t familiar with the books Denis (Villeneuve) has an incredible ability to still make it feel grounded and always come back to the human story,” Zendaya said. “Everyone can find a little bit that they resonate with.”

Chalamet agreed.

“There are themes to this book to this movie that I think will be surprising and relatable to people,” Chalamet said. “But what I hope audiences take out of it the most, which is what I got out of Christopher Nolan’s movies … that movies of this size of this scale of this ambition can be readily consumed in an unpretentious way but also retain all of the artful elements that all of Denis movies have had.”

You can see Zendaya and Chalamet in Dune when it releases on Oct. 22. He unfortunately won’t be wearing a Slytherin sweater though.