Will Smith Might Be Selling Time For 20th Century Fox


Will Smith has attached himself to a pretty neat sounding film today. Titled Selling Time, the Dan McDermott-scripted project focuses on a man who has the chance to relive, and improve, the worst day of his life. The catch? He has to give up seven years of his life. Kind of sounds like a sci-fi take on Groundhog Day.

Set up at 20th Century Fox, the project is currently without a director but apparently there are quite a few A-list names who are circling it. Unfortunately, no further details on who might direct have been made available just yet.

As for Smith, though he hasn’t received an official offer, it’s basically a sure thing. As /Film points out, the actor is probably holding off until he sees who the director is. As we all know, Smith likes to take control over his projects and give a good amount of creative input. Obviously, this doesn’t gel with some filmmakers so I’d imagine that the studio needs to find someone who could work well with the megastar.

After films like After Earth, Seven Pounds, Hancock and even Men In Black 3, Smith needs a hit. And by hit I don’t necessarily mean at the box office. He does just fine there, but critics haven’t been too kind to him in recent years, and he seems to keep picking crummy projects.

Selling Time actually sounds promising. The premise is intriguing and if a solid director is hired, someone who could complement Smith’s work style, then the actor may find himself in critics’ good graces once again.

Tell us, what do you think of Selling Time? Do you think it will be a hit for Smith?