Will Smith Shares Hilarious I Am Legend Meme For Coronavirus Quarantine

I Am Legend 2

Will Smith, star of Independence Day, Men In Black and Shark Tale, to name a few, has posted a fitting meme for the pandemic era, lockdown-fatigued world.

Seen in the gallery below is his I Am Legend-themed observation about how we’ll all tell our grandkids the story of what living in the pandemic was like and it seems as if we’re going to lie a lot. He’s not wrong, either.

Though movies have long portrayed pandemics in apocalyptic terms, this one thankfully hasn’t reached those levels of desolation yet. That said, economic predictions and unemployment totals from the last 3 weeks have been inescapably apocalyptic. So, who knows? We might catch up to I Am Legend’s dystopia soon.

As the coronavirus outbreak snowballed into a pandemic and nations the world over locked their populations down for the long haul, people have found themselves stuck at home with hours to fill. But why not fill them with movies? Specifically, movies fit for a pandemic.

I Am Legend can count itself as such. If ever a sequel does get made (I Am Legend 2 has been in development hell for over a decade), it’ll be produced within the years immediately following the crisis’ end. In fact, you can bet your life savings on an avalanche of pandemic-related movies hitting theaters once it’s all over.

Anyways, take to the comments section and let us know what you’ve been watching lately. Off the top of my head, good options include Shaun of the Dead, the aforementioned Smith classic Independence Day and Planet of the Apes. The list is endless, but with no end in sight to quarantine, we’ve got time. You could even give I Am Legend another spin. That ought to calm your nerves.