It’s All Smoke And Mirrors In New International Poster For David Fincher’s Gone Girl


In the build-up to release, the thick, chilling fog of speculation has shrouded David Fincher’s Gone Girl in a particular kind of mystery. With accusations of script changes and alternate endings coming to the fore, many have questioned whether the cinematic interpretation of Gillian Flynn’s eponymous novel will do good on the source material.

Soon, though, we’ll have our answer, as the film is due to release in theaters on October 3rd. And, as the marketing campaign comes to a head, the studio has debuted a new international poster that puts Rosamund Pike’s ill-fated Amy Dunner front and center.

In essence, Gone Girl tells the tale of one Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck), who is thrust into a media storm following the abrupt disappearance of his wife. Held up as the prime suspect, our protagonist goes out on a valiant search for his missing partner and to find an opportunity to clear his name. But, as he scratches deeper beneath the surface, he discovers that his idyllic love may not have been what he once thought.

The flick is currently slated to open the New York Film festival at the end of September, and many critics are already holding up Gone Girl as one of the event’s heavy hitters. Furthermore, with Flynn on script duties alongside Fincher, we have a lot of confidence in the creative pairing delivering a truly engaging thriller.

Gone Girl is set to release on October 3rd, 2014. Tell us, are you looking forward to Fincher’s adaptation? Leave your thoughts below.


Source: The Playlist