Snake Eyes And Jungle Cruise Approved For Release In China

Jungle Cruise

One day, Paramount will make a G.I. Joe movie worthy of a sequel, even if it hasn’t happened yet after three attempts. To put things into perspective, Robert Schwentke’s Snake Eyes is the best-reviewed of the trio despite holding a Rotten Tomatoes score of just 37%, but it’s also the biggest flop.

The Rise of Cobra and Retaliation both managed to earn in excess of $300 million at the box office, whereas Snake Eyes topped out with a pitiful $37 million. However, it might end up swelling the coffers to a certain extent now that the spinoff has been approved for release in China.

As per Deadline, Snake Eyes and Jungle Cruise have both made it past the stricter-than-ever censorship board, although you can guarantee one scene from the latter featuring Jack Whitehall will have been removed entirely. Dwayne Johnson is just as popular in China as he is everywhere else on the planet, so the Disney blockbuster could be poised for a solid run to add to a current haul of $213 million.

It’s a little funny that the world’s biggest franchise can’t get its latest releases in Chinese theaters but a colossal flop like Snake Eyes can, but unless it goes on to earn $100 million over there, it still won’t be anywhere close to turning a profit as Paramount are plunged into the red for a third consecutive film.