Snake Eyes Early Reactions Are Incredibly Divided

Snake eyes

G.I. Joe reboot Snake Eyes is coming to theaters tomorrow, looking to mark third time lucky for Paramount as they continually attempt to turn the franchise into a money-spinning property that launches a slew of sequels. It hasn’t happened yet, and the jury is very much out as to whether or not Robert Schwentke’s martial arts blockbuster is the film to do it.

Henry Golding has charisma for days and is firmly a star in the ascendancy, and the footage we’ve seen has promised a seamless transition into action hero territory, but the previous pair of G.I. Joe efforts boasted plenty of onscreen talent, but were let down massively by their weak scripts, flimsy plotting and uninspired action sequences.

There’s always cause for concern when such a high profile title remains shrouded in secrecy so close to release, and now that the first reactions to Snake Eyes hav been rolling in, we understand why.

There’s got to be a worry on the studio’s part that they can’t seem to get much more praise than having the film called better than you thought it would be, 24 hours out from the premiere. As you can see below, some are calling it a disaster, while others simply say it’s not very good at all.

The Rise of Cobra and Retaliation both opened at the top of the domestic box office before going on to earn at least $300 million each globally, but there’s no guarantees Snake Eyes will follow in that tradition. Space Jam: A New Legacy and Black Widow are still relatively fresh, and M. Night Shyamalan’s PG-13 thriller Old provides some stiff competition in terms of debutants, so if it fails to catch fire with audiences then it’s back to square one for G.I. Joe all over again.