Snake Eyes Star Says G.I. Joe/Transformers Crossover Is 100% Possible

Snake Eyes

With Snake Eyes currently in theaters, the conversation is turning to where the G.I. Joe franchise goes from here. Well, one concept that’s getting tossed around a lot at the moment is a crossover with the Transformers universe. Lorenzo di Bonaventura – a producer on both – recently revealed that he’s been trying to make such a project happen for a while. But now that crossovers are all the rage, maybe Paramount will finally be persuaded to greenlight the idea.

Snake Eyes himself Henry Golding certainly seems confident that it could happen. While speaking to CinePop, the star said that it’s “100% possible”, citing previous crossovers between the two in other mediums and the studio’s intentions to expand both universes in the near future.

“It’s 100% possible,” Golding said. “I used to read the comic books, the Transformers/G.I. Joe combination comic books. So they’re all kind of living in that world. But who knows. I think they’re planning another Transformers movie at the moment. Hopefully we’ll be exploring the rest of the G.I. Joe universe at the same time. Maybe one day [they’ll come together].”

As Golding reminds us, the G.I. Joe and Transformers crossovers have already crossed over in the comics and, as both are owned by Hasbro and their movies are released by Paramount, there is nothing stopping the military heroes from encountering the robots in disguise. The studio just needs to be convinced that it would be a financially beneficial move. And maybe it would be the smartest way to move forward in the light of Snake Eyes‘ weak opening.

Unfortunately, Golding’s debut as the iconic ninja warrior didn’t match up to the hype that had generated around it beforehand. Reviews have been tepid and it had a disappointing first few days at the box office, even factoring in the pandemic effect, failing to even open at number one. With the G.I. Joe Origins route not proving to be as money-making as they thought, Paramount may elect to boost the appeal for general audiences by having Snake Eyes and friends rub shoulders with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee next time out.

In the meantime, you can catch Snake Eyes in theaters now. It’ll arrive on Paramount Plus 45 days after its big-screen debut.