Sneak A Peek At First Images And Teaser Clip From Joe Carnahan’s Stretch


Joe Carnahan’s Stretch has been in the can for awhile now and has been pulled through the ringer by Universal. After the studio snatched away a $40 million marketing budget, the flick has languished in post-production. It’s even getting re-cut. The story of a “a down-on-his-luck chauffeur looking to relieve his debt by driving around a mysterious billionaire who drags him to hell and back” doubles as a brief summary for the film’s production woes.

Even if there’s no official release, that ain’t gonna stop Carnahan from self-promotion. Taking to Twitter, the director has been publishing a slew of pics and even a brief clip. For such a bold filmmaker, it’s frustrating to see the lack of support from the studio – this has all the markings of a cult smash. Carnahan has hinted though that he hopes for a festival premiere sometime this fall, after the re-edit.

An ultra-low budget ($5 million) studio pic with a starry cast, Stretch follows Patrick Wilson’s chauffeur. Desperate to get himself out of debt with his bookie, he bags a job ferrying around an eccentric billionaire played by Chris Pine. Turns out the job is so lucrative because Pine’s wealthy nutball wants to sell a list of his criminal contacts – which is as dangerous as it sounds. Jessica Alba and Brooklyn Decker co-star.

There’s no official synopsis released yet – again, another blow from being denied a decent marketing budget. So why not get acquainted with the film via Carnahan’s own description? Courtesy of his Twitter account:

Guys. Bottom line. STRETCH is fucking great. It’s funny. It’s touching. It’s unique and @patrickwilson73 is absolutely brilliant in it. I can talk shit & argue with that idiotic @THR story but brass tacks, that movie works & you will all be fast fans of it when you see it. I think it’s as good or better than my best film & say that from the bottom of my heart. This movie will make it to you, trust me. Guys, the movie is gonna find its audience & that audience will love it. Whether that happens now or later is irrelevant. It’s gonna happen.

Source: /Film