Order of Seven Finds Its Lead In Saoirse Ronan

News of updated Snow White films has gone to the extreme this year with three projects in the works. The latest film in this off-beat princess trend, Order Of Seven, was announced back in August and will follow the release of the more closely related variations: Snow White and The Huntsman – starring Kristen StewartLiam Hemsworth, and Charlize Theron – and Mirror Mirror – starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts.

This weekend, we finally got the first piece of casting news for Order Of SevenSaoirse Ronan is reportedly in negotiations to lead this unusual Kung Fu adaptation of the classic tale that is said to feature the story only in a subtle context.

According to Variety, the film centers around a British expatriate, Olivia Sinclair, living in 19th century Hong Kong. Sinclair looks to a group of centuries old warriors for protection, but finds them as a jaded group of outlaws. In the tradition of the evil queen, an ancient evil empress graces the screen forcing the warriors to remember their noble roots and follow their destiny.

Disney is producing the film and hopes to tap into international fandom by casting well-known foreign stars in the roles of the warriors. Production has been in development for the last decade and it finally looks like it has a potential team attached to take it to the next level.

We’ll keep you posted when we hear more news.