SnyderVerse supporters have Batfleck trending a day before ‘The Batman’

Image via Warner Bros.

As you’ll know, The Batman originally began life as a sequel of sorts to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, with Ben Affleck attached to star, direct, co-write, and executive produce his first solo outing as the DCEU’s Dark Knight.

Instead, the movie hits theaters tomorrow as a reboot hailing from Matt Reeves, with Robert Pattinson debuting under the cape and cowl in a superhero blockbuster that’s been winning rave reviews, and is on track to put a serious dent in the box office by the end of the weekend.

An actor to have played the Caped Crusader is trending today, but naturally, it isn’t Pattinson. Instead, SnyderVerse supporters are rallying the troops once more to push #MakeTheBatfleckMovie to the top of Twitter’s hottest topics, as you can see from a smattering of reactions below.

If Ben Affleck wanted to make his version of The Batman, then there’s a distinct possibility that Warner Bros. would let it happen. As it stands, though, the two-time Academy Award winner has hinted that he’ll be bowing out after The Flash, even if it remains unclear if he’ll simply retire or end up being killed off.

Having returned for the Snyder Cut of Justice League and Ezra Miller’s upcoming multiversal blockbuster, Affleck’s Batman epic might not end up becoming a reality, but at least he’s getting some closure that he missed out on the first time he stepped down from the role.