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So-called ‘Star Wars’ fan roasted for refusing to let their children watch the sequels

Dos and don'ts of 'Star Wars' parenting.


Among the cringiest things you can do as a parent is demand that your children turn into miniature versions of yourself. There’s nothing more embarrassing than seeing someone trying to get their bored kid interested in some video game from the 1990s, or try and force them to become a fan of some creaky old science fiction franchise. Fortunately, it seems that most people agree, as there’s a great thread on Reddit’s Star Wars board that’s perhaps not getting the reaction the OP predicted.

The thread is titled “Why I won’t let my kids watch the sequels”, with poster going to say that he (they don’t identify their gender, but let’s face it… this is a guy) considers Disney’s sequel trilogy “a huge slap in the face to everything that’s gone before”, and that the trilogy sends out the message that “evil will always come back if you’re not careful”.

Firstly, I don’t know why this guy is so annoyed with what he sees as the “message”, as history shows time and time again that evil does always come back. One of the top voted replies points this out, saying that “not holding that message dear has lead to some really bad things over the years”, pointing to World War II as an obvious-yet-prominent example.

Another reply simply says this guy should just let his kids watch what they want to watch, that they’re sure his offspring resent their dad for being strict about Star Wars of all things, and that making something the forbidden fruit will only encourage them to seek it out even more.

Perhaps this is also a reminder that making Star Wars fandom – or any media property – the bedrock of your personality isn’t a great idea. Of course, it’s fine to have opinions – even strong ones – about Star Wars, but maybe try to keep a sense of perspective and don’t let it spoil your relationship with your kids.

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