Solo: A Star Wars Story Actor Woody Harrelson Teases The Film’s Comedic Elements


Ever since committing to Lucasfilm’s Han Solo spinoff, which was once under the stewardship of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Woody Harrelson has been pretty cagey about his nebulous character and, more specifically, how he fits into the story.

For instance, Star Wars fans were placed on red alert some months ago when Harrelson let slip that he had landed the role of Garris Shrike, a known criminal and one of the biggest influences on Han’s journey from adolescence to adulthood. The two-time Oscar nominee has since walked back those comments, leaving fans to deduce that he’s actually attached to the part of Beckett, a known criminal and one of the biggest influ–well, you get the drift.

And though there’s still a tremendous amount of secrecy swirling around Solo: A Star Wars Story, Woody Harrelson touched base on Lucasfilm’s anthology flick in a new interview with Toronto Sun (via CBM), where he drew attention to the film’s comedic elements.

He was also asked straight-up whether he would class Solo as “epic,” but Harrelson essentially ducked out of the loaded question to focus on why he believes that Ron Howard and the team have delivered a “really good movie.” And maybe – just maybe – a “really funny” one, too.

Epic? I can’t think of it in those terms, but I do think we’ve made a really good movie, and it could be a really funny movie, too. And Ron Howard is just a joy.

Beyond The Last Jedi‘s release in December, Solo: A Star Wars Story will uncover the origins of the great Han Solo on May 25th, 2018. Rumor has it that Howard’s spinoff will take place over a seven-year period, and chronicle the nerf herder’s life between the ages of 18 and 24.