Solo: A Star Wars Story Artwork Showcases A Post-Kessel Run Millennium Falcon


“She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.”

Through time, Han Solo added some bells and whistles to the Millennium Falcon, but in Solo: A Star Wars Story, Ron Howard and his team roll back the years to a time when everyone’s favorite Corellian freighter was still sporting a solid, blocky bow.

It’s arguably one of the most exciting aspects of Solo, as the film begins when the famous Falcon was still under the possession of Lando Calrissian, and, therefore, in much better condition than the battle-scarred hunk of junk that first took flight over the sun-scorched plains of Tatooine during A New Hope.

To help illustrate that transition between one era and the next, the folks over at Star Wars Underworld have shared a frankly incredible piece of artwork that brings us that little bit closer to the Millennium Falcon – both before and after the famous Kessel Run.

Pretty cool, no? For those Star Wars purists out there, the second image will really trigger a sense of nostalgia, as the broken bow is much closer to the one glimpsed in Lucasfilm’s Original Trilogy – not to mention the Sequel Trilogy that’s about to culminate with Episode IX next year.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is now available across all the usual platforms – just don’t hold your breath for Lucasfilm to green-light a sequel anytime soon. Chances are the Powers That Be will still honor Alden Ehrenreich’s three-movie Star Wars contract, only by way of a Lando spinoff or, better yet, a film dedicated to Boba Fett.

Perhaps the Jona Favreau-directed TV series (aptly titled The Mandalorian) will help get the ball rolling? Time will tell, but watch this space for more.

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