The Writers Behind Solo: A Star Wars Story Offer New Clues About Enfys Nest


When it comes to world-renown crooks and dubious anti-heroes, Solo: A Star Wars Story isn’t exactly in short supply.

From lawless rogues in the vein of Tobias Beckett (Woody Harrelson) to Dryden Vos, a high-ranking smuggler who presides over a criminal underworld as though he’s The Godfather himself, Lucasfilm’s Anthology pic presents a who’s who of space cowboys. Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, Vos is also sporting some pretty nasty facial scars, just to drive home the point that Paul Bettany’s gangster is someone you want to keep at arm’s reach.

And then there’s the young, untrained Han Solo, whose first steps into the dark and seedy world of smuggling begins with the heist of the century. In doing so, he’ll come across Enfys Nest, a strange, opulent alien that looks as though it’s just walked out of Bungie’s Destiny – Legendary Armor and all.

Details of Enfys’ origins and true motivations are few and far between, but while appearing on The Star Wars Show (h/t, Solo co-writer Jon Kasdan offered up some new intel pertaining to Han’s new nemesis.

To understand who Enfys is, you first kinda think you gotta understand who Woody Harrelson plays, which is a character named Beckett. Who is sort of a highly trained, very lethal criminal. He’s a real pro, who’s into big jobs, and he runs a crew. But one of their competitors is a sort of more pirate-like gang and the leader of that gang is Enfys Nest.

What we do know, however, is that Enfys Nest can be considered as the leader of the Cloud Riders, a galactic bike gang first introduced in Marvel’s original Star Wars comic. Turns out Solo draws inspiration from that particular story arc and runs with it. Or so says Jon Kasdan:

All the movies builds on the backs of the people that came before. Now we’re in a certain galaxy so that’s a certain kind of story. But it did give us enormous freedom to draw from whatever we wanted.

Expect Solo: A Star Wars Story to whisk viewers off into the “dark underworld” of Lucasfilm’s franchise on May 25th.

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