First Clip For Solo: A Star Wars Story Spotlights Han And Chewie’s Maiden Voyage


“A hundred and ninety years old? You look great!”

It’s a friendship that helped define Star Wars back in 1977, and here, we get a sneak peek into the early days of Han and Chewie’s galactic escapades, beginning with the moment when everyone’s favorite Wookie slips behind the steering wheel. Or joystick, where he helps steer the Millennium Falcon away from oncoming TIE Fighters.

Yes, it can only be Solo: A Star Wars Story, the Ron Howard-directed Anthology pic that’s currently reveling in the spirit of May 4th – otherwise known as Star Wars day – as it edges closer to release. We’ve already seen tantalizing teasers and novel 360º clips (see below) designed to place you in the heart of the action, while Lucasfilm has formally announced that tickets for Solo are now on sale. The countdown to May 25th has officially begun, ladies and gentlemen…

As for Chewie, Joonas Suotamo is expected to reprise his role as the iconic fuzzball, adding to his appearances across The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. And perhaps more than anything else, Solo: A Star Wars Story offers viewers a chance to learn a little more about the greatest space pirate in all of cinema, particularly when you consider that Han Solo was arguably shortchanged during J.J. Abrams’ aforementioned revival.

Be that as it may, the legacy of Solo is rich with high-flying adventure, and we know Ron Howard and his team plan to plunge viewers into the dark underworld of Star Wars – a world teeming with smugglers, gangsters, and bounty hunters.

Look for Solo: A Star Wars Story to take flight on May 25th, by which point Lucasfilm’s second anthology pic could be on the verge of a box office record.

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