New Report Suggests Solo: A Star Wars Story Is Headed For More Reshoots


Just when you thought Solo: A Star Wars Story had crossed the finish line, Lucasfilm proceeds to schedule yet more reshoots.

At least, that’s the news coming out of Reddit today (with a tip of the hat to Screen Rant), so before we get into the weeds, let’s make one thing abundantly clear: with its user-submitted content and online forums, Reddit isn’t exactly what one would call a bastion of journalistic integrity, so perhaps it’s best to approach this alleged news with a heightened sense of caution.

That being said, we’re willing to give ‘Hufflepuffins’ the benefit of the doubt, as this is the same Redditor who originally revealed Solo‘s altered production timeline soon after Lucasfilm welcomed Ron Howard on board in lieu of Chris Miller and Phil Lord.

So, what’s the story? Well, according to this particular allegation, Solo: A Star Wars Story is now gearing up for three weeks’ worth of reshoots. They’ll begin in earnest later this month, and continue well into February.

On paper, an additional three weeks of filming – especially so late in the game – is enough to leave Star Wars fans on tenterhooks, but we’re more inclined to believe that Lucasfilm has merely reserved that aforementioned slot for pick-ups and additional photography.

Besides, Solo: A Star Wars Story has already endured its fair share of reshoots – 80 percent, according to one report – even if Donald Glover believes the end product hasn’t changed all that much since Ron Howard climbed aboard.

And even if this rumor holds true, it’s not unusual for a Hollywood blockbuster to set aside two-to-three weeks for additional photography – particularly as the editing process draws to close and the creative team begins to identify any lapses in logic or, worse, continuity errors.

One way or another, Solo: A Star Wars Story will be with us on May 25th.