Alden Ehrenreich Poses His Ideas For Possible Solo: A Star Wars Story Sequel


Should the stars align, Solo may prove to be the first of three mainline Star Wars roles for the up-and-coming Alden Ehrenreich.

Three weeks ago, we brought you the news that Ehrenreich’s contract spans three movies in Lucasfilm’s space opera, which, if nothing else, proves the Powers That Be have already mapped out tentative plans for a Solo sequel. Or, failing that, some form of continuation that shifts the focus over to Lando Calrissian – or Boba Fett, or any one of the prominent grifters and gangsters populating that galaxy far, far away.

And though it’s yet to be confirmed outright, Screen Rant recently caught up with Alden Ehrenreich to discuss all things Solo, including what he’d like to see from a possible follow-up. Spoilers: future installments in this subseries may wind up borrowing cues from Indiana Jones.

Well, I think I just want to see more of his relationships with these characters. I think that would be really a lot of fun. And I think each being its own kind of adventure story and like almost the Indiana Jones mold would be pretty fricking cool.

Remember, just like Rogue One before it, Solo: A Star Wars Story is an Anthology film, so there’s every chance Lucasfilm will draft up plans for some form of successor that exists as a standalone product.

That’s merely conjecture, of course, as the studio continues to play its Sabacc cards close to the vest in anticipation of Solo‘s arrival on May 25th. Once Deadpool 2 has come and gone, though, all eyes will turn toward Star Wars for an origin story that has since been described as a Western-tinged heist movie. Color us intrigued.

Source: Screen Rant

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