Composer John Powell Confirms Five New Themes For Solo: A Star Wars Story


While Solo is very much about bringing new blood to the fold (see: Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover et. al), it’s fair to say that Ron Howard’s imminent spinoff is deeply entrenched in Star Wars lore.

Case in point: both Ehrenreich and Glover sought advice from their respective Original Trilogy counterparts (read: Harrison Ford and Billy Dee Williams) when approaching Han and Lando Calrissian, while we recently learned that Star Wars creator George Lucas had a hand in changing one scene involving the young, untrained nerf-herder.

And that’s not all; Solo will also feature music from the legendary John Williams, who worked in close collaboration with John Powell to compose Han’s own unique theme. It’s a working relationship that has clearly inspired Powell, too, who took to Facebook (h/t Heroic Hollywood), to confirm that he’s written “five new themes and many other motifs and riffs” for this month’s Star Wars blockbuster.

In addition to John Williams’ brilliant tune for Han, I got five new themes + many other motifs/riffs joining the Galaxy Far, Far Away in Solo: A Star Wars Story!

For Lucasfilm and Ron Howard, the stakes are pretty high – and we’re not just referring to that famous game of Sabaac. Not unlike Rogue One before it, Solo: A Star Wars Story is emerging from a long and storied spell in front of the cameras, during which time Howard came in to replace erstwhile directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. But if the Original Trilogy taught us anything, it’s that Han tends to excel when the odds are stacked against him.

Targeting a $150M-plus opening weekend in North America this Memorial Weekend, Solo: A Star Wars Story looks set to give Deadpool 2 (and Infinity War!) a run for their box office money on May 25th.

Source: Facebook