EW Profiles The Lawless Rogues Of Solo: A Star Wars Story


Val, Dryden Vos, Tobias Beckett – three of the key supporting players set to appear in Solo: A Star Wars Story. And they all have one thing in common: they’re gangsters.

Thanks to Monday’s stellar trailer, we know Val, Vos and Beckett will be brought to life by Thandie Newton (Westworld), Paul Bettany (Avengers: Infinity War), and Woody Harrelson (Venom), respectively, but Entertainment Weekly has gone one step further to profile the rogue’s gallery of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Up first? Beckett, Woody Harrelson’s lawless mentor who helps point Han Solo in the right (wrong?) direction. He’s a pretty influential figure, too, as Harrelson tells EW:

Well, he really shapes Han really more than anybody, as Han comes to realize that in a lawless time he needs to try to come to terms with some kind of moral code.

Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy echoed that sentiment, warning Star Wars enthusiasts that Beckett is a “very tough criminal.”

He is a very tough criminal. And, as you might think with Woody, who has enormous humanity, it’s not just that. Han sort of forces himself into Woody’s life. It starts a relationship that has enormous impact on what kind of person Han will be.

Switching gears from Beckett to Val, we understand Thandie Newton’s brooding bounty hunter has a long history with Tobias Beckett, and sure enough, Solo screenwriter Jon Kasdan confirmed that she’s part of the “criminal family” that opens its arms to the young, unrefined Han:

I will say at first glance, doesn’t necessarily have total faith in Han — as a lot of people he meets in his life tend to feel about him. She’s a little skeptical of this kid when she meets him. And her relationship with him goes in, I think, an … interesting direction.

Solo A Star Wars Story Vos

Finally, EW cast light on Dryden Vos. He’s the worst of the worst, according to Jon Kasdan – a crime boss with insatiable desire to get ahead, no matter what the cost. Also, could that be the helmet of a very familiar bounty hunter on the left-hand side of the above photo?

It’s a sort of combination of class and swagger and real danger which I think is a fun thing, and he absolutely inhabits it. He’s way deeper in the crime world than anyone else that we meet in the movie.

Perhaps Vos has ties to that “dark underworld” Alden Ehrenreich was referring to? We’ll find out once Solo: A Star Wars Story checks into theaters on May 25th.

Source: EW