Turns Out Warwick Davis Played Multiple Characters In Solo: A Star Wars Story


Warwick Davis is Star Wars royalty – up there with Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford as one of the more prominent players in the George Lucas space opera.

Even to this day, he continues to be involved in major Star Wars conventions (like last year’s Celebration, for instance), and, in the case of Rogue One and Solo, Anthology films designed to enrich the lore and legacy of Lucasfilm’s saga, and it’s now been confirmed that Davis enjoyed multiple roles during the storied production of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

So while his cameo as Weasel is secretly a callback to The Phantom Menace, Warwick Davis told Cinema Blend that he played a number of small and minor characters for the Ron Howard-directed Anthology pic.

There was DD-BD [a droid on Kessel], and then we have another droid, I think he was called Treybot, but he’s the one, once he’s released in the control room just goes a bit crazy smashing things. And then we have, during the Sabacc game is a little character that looks a little bit like sort of like a hamster kind of, he goes up and gives Han a little congratulatory pat when he wins the game. Then we have, during the Corellia spaceport sequence, I play, he looks like a little miniature astronaut with a gold visor. And then of course there’s the two droids having the droid battle the bigger red one and smaller green one. I’m the smaller of the two there. And that’s it. And then of course there’s Weasel in both his kind of disguised state and undisguised state.

It’s incredible, really. We always knew Warwick Davis was a man capable of donning many hats, but his contribution to Solo: A Star Wars Story deserves all the adulation, and we simply can’t imagine a Star Wars movie without Davis featuring in some bitpart – similar to how every Marvel movie (and video game, it seems) carves out room for a Stan Lee cameo.

Already available across digital platforms, Solo: A Star Wars Story is on course for a Blu-ray release next Tuesday, September 25th – just don’t hold your breath for a potential sequel.

Source: Cinema Blend