Solo Actor Donald Glover Comments On Possible Lando: A Star Wars Story


Will we ever see Donald Glover don the Calrissian cape beyond Solo: A Star Wars Story? It’s practically guaranteed.

Though Kathleen Kennedy’s recent comment was supposedly lost in translation – Lucasfilm has since walked back claims that Lando: A Star Wars Story is next on the pecking order – Glover is all for another adventure starring the smooth-talking criminal, who arguably steals every scene he’s in throughout the course of Solo.

Couple this with the fact that his co-star, Alden Ehrenreich, has signed on for another two films in the Star Wars universe, and it’s all but certain that Donald Glover will be back as Lando Calrissian sooner rather than later.

Indeed, the actor confirmed as much to SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio (h/t, where he waxed lyrical about the galactic crook.

It will always be fun to be Lando again. I’d love to do it again, it’s really fun. The movie, I feel like, is wide open. This part of the universe. I feel like with the Skywalkers, it’s hard, because it’s almost like the Bible. Like, there’s a story that you have to tell of the lineage of that family. I feel like, out here, we’re just hustlers and gamblers and space pirates, essentially, so you can do a lot more and have a lot more fun. And I like those movies a lot. I like the comedy of them, the silliness, and also the adventure. I think it would just be fun to do.

Suffice it to say, Donald Glover has really taken to the character, and his scene-stealing performance in Solo is living proof that, yes, the young Lando Calrissian will surely resonant with the Star Wars faithful once Ron Howard’s spinoff begins its U.S. rollout tomorrow, May 25th.

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Source: EW