Solo: A Star Wars Story Concept Art Reveals Scrapped Fight On Top Of The Falcon

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo may easily be the most forgettable Star Wars movie out there, but the House of Mouse still put a lot of work into making it, meaning that even if they got almost everything wrong, the film still has cool action sequences that have a moderately acceptable entertainment value.

In all fairness, though, the pic wasn’t even that bad. But it did bomb at box office and go down as the least profitable release in the history of the franchise. To think that a movie, featuring Han Solo as its main lead, cost Disney tens of millions of dollars was, quite essentially, an unexpected and devastating blow to the idea that all things Star Wars sell. Realizing that that’s not the case, the company and Lucasfilm have done a lot in the past couple of years to amend for their past mistakes, most of which has involved catering to fan opinion.

But regardless of the movie’s terrible commercial performance and the fact that, at its best, Solo is a mediocre flick and by no means a title that begets the grandeur often found in the narrative of Star Wars movies, Ron Howard’s spinoff entry had a lot of satisfying action sequences. From the Millennium Falcon flying through the Kessel Run and evading Imperial TIE fighters and Star Destroyers to Han and Beckett’s exploits as criminals, Alden Ehrenreich’s time as the smuggler-turned-hero is at least worth a watch.

Now, concept designer Vincent Jenkins has shared a piece of art on his Instagram page that shows the main characters fighting on top of the legendary Corellian YT-1300 Light Freighter.

As you can see above, the scrapped sequence would have seen Han and Qi’ra confronting Dryden Vos on top of the Millennium Falcon. Jenkins also revealed that James Cameron’s True Lies inspired this piece. Not too bad as far as epic final showdowns go, right?

It’s just a shame that the idea didn’t make the final cut, though something tells us that even these thrilling elements couldn’t save the spinoff Star Wars movie from the failure that it turned out to be.