Solo: A Star Wars Story Co-Writer Wants A Lando Spinoff Movie


Solo: A Star Wars Story doesn’t come out in theaters until next week, but there’s already talk about what direction the franchise could go in after the film’s release. For instance, Jonathan Kasdan, who co-wrote the script for Solo, has ideas of his own, including a Lando Calrissian spinoff.

His father, Lawrence Kasdan, has been a longtime writer on the Star Wars franchise and pitched in on Ron Howard’s upcoming Anthology movie. But now, it looks like Jonathan could be a new driving force in that galaxy far, far away. While speaking with Screen Rant in a recent interview, he expressed his interest in seeing a movie revolving around Lando, saying:

“First of all, I’m dying to see a Lando film. I would help in any way I was asked to. I think that’s a great movie. I mean, I think you know one of the things though that’s interesting is, I want to see a Lando film very similarly to the way I think Larry [Lawrence] was excited about a Han film.”

In hindsight, a Lando solo pic seems like a smart decision. Donald Glover, who plays the character, is one of Hollywood’s hottest rising stars thanks to Atlanta and his musical alter ego Childish Gambino. Also, with all due respect to Alden Ehrenreich, Glover’s the one generating more interest in Solo: A Star Wars Story. When a film’s supporting actor is gathering more excitement from moviegoers than the actor playing the titular role, you know that a spinoff should be in order.

Star Wars may be set in that galaxy far, far away, which means there are always new characters that could be introduced. But if a Lando film gets greenlit, you won’t hear any complaints from us. Nor do we imagine you’ll hear any from the rest of the moviegoing public, after they get the chance to take in Glover’s performance on May 25th.

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