Solo: A Star Wars Story Comic Solves One Of The Film’s Mysteries


Since Solo: A Star Wars Story is unlikely to be getting a sequel, fans keen to know more about Han’s early days and the people he met along the way might be well advised to check out the Star Wars prequel’s various tie-in material. The comics, for instance, have already shed light on Han’s time in the Imperial Academy while offering a little context on that awkward moment where Han gets his last name, and in the next issue of Solo: A Star Wars Story Adaptation, we get some insight into Qi’ra’s mostly off-camera rise through the ranks of Crimson Dawn.

After being caught by Proxima’s minions, it seems that Emilia Clarke’s character was sold to a slave trader named Sarkin who in turn sold her to Dryden Vos. Here, Qi’ra undergoes training in the martial art of Teräs Käsi while her mind is molded to believe that she has to let go of her past and divorce herself from personal attachments. The comic shows this philosophy in action when Qi’ra murders Sarkin, and of course, we also see it in the film through her betrayal of both Han and Dryden.

A few months ago, the Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition novelization also offered some context to the character’s journey, suggesting that Dryden saw potential in Qi’ra after she showed herself willing to kill his guards in order to escape.

You can expect this next issue of Solo: A Star Wars Story Adaptation to offer a few more tidbits on Han’s first love and the rest of his supporting cast, but given the film’s box office numbers, we aren’t getting our hopes up about seeing these characters on the big screen again.