New Solo: A Star Wars Story Poster Assembles The Gang


UPDATE: These posters have been removed at the request of Disney.

There has never been a better time to be a Star Wars fan.

Take The Last Jedi as an example. Rian Johnson’s spectacular (and surprisingly divisive) sequel has only been on the market for seven weeks and already, Disney and Lucasfilm are banging the drum in anticipation of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the standalone adventure film that’s poised to uncover the mysterious origins behind the galaxy’s most endearing scoundrel.

Alden Ehrenreich is the man faced with the somewhat daunting task of playing a character popularized by Harrison Ford (Blade Runner 2049), but after Solo‘s back-to-back teasers, we’re willing to lend him the benefit of the doubt. The movie’s still draped in much secrecy, of course, but the marketing machine continues to plow forward and today, we’ve got a brand new poster to share with you.

Seen in the gallery down below, it’s done in the same style as the previous character one-sheets we got earlier this week (which we’ve also included here). Yet, whereas those each featured just a single member of the cast, this poster brings together the whole gang and has a bit of a Western vibe to it, which was probably intentional. Regardless, we’re definitely digging it.

Whether it’s the A-list cast or the rat-a-tat pacing, Solo has arguably made a good first impression with its trailer footage, while Bradford Young’s cinematography imbues the film with a bleak, gritty color palette – one that fits the title character like a glove. Admittedly, we still do have a few hesitations and the spinoff has yet to win us over completely, but now that the marketing blitz is well and truly underway, we’re certainly excited to see more.

Punch it, Chewie! Solo swoops into theaters on May 25th and when it does, it’ll be remembered as a hand-crafted love letter to the Star Wars films of old. Indeed, Rogue One achieved a similar feat back in 2016, but with characters like Chewie and Lando involved, there’s a real sense of legacy coursing through the veins of this pic.