Solo: A Star Wars Story Toy Leak Shows Off All The Characters


What do we know so far about Solo: A Star Wars Story? Well, for a movie that’s less than four months away, not much at all. A recent plot synopsis teased a dark and dangerous adventure, while AMC believes we’ll get to visit three new planets, but beyond that, details have been hard to come by. Couple that with the fact that we’ve still yet to see any footage, or even a damn photo, and it paints a pretty concerning picture for the upcoming spinoff.

Still, we’ll continue to hold out hope that Ron Howard was able to piece everything together into a compelling and highly enjoyable prequel movie for the titular hero. After all, anything less and Lucasfilm will have a riot on their hands. As it is, most people aren’t happy that the project even exists, so if it turns out to be underwhelming or just plain bad, the studio risks alienating even more fans. Which they certainly can’t afford right now after the extremely divisive Last Jedi.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. As we wait for something – anything! – to surface, we’ll have to make do with toy leaks, of which we have another one today. This time, it comes in the form of LEGO Minifigures and unsurprisingly, they hint at quite a few interesting things.

Have a look:

So, what’s there to note here? Well, seeing Han in an Imperial outfit is sure to catch people’s attention and the fact that Tobias Beckett is wearing one as well is also worth digging into. Could it be because the pair worked together for the Empire, or are they on some kind of undercover mission? There’s also a few different Stormtroopers featured, which we knew to expect, and even a look at Emilia Clarke’s mysterious character Qi’Ra, who we’re curious to learn more about.

While toy leaks like this are always appreciated, it’s really about time Lucasfilm steps up and gives us something official to feast on. I mean, how much longer can they really wait at this point? Thankfully, all signs point to the release of the first trailer being imminent, but until we’ve actually got it in our hands, we won’t be able to kick that nagging feeling that unfortunately, Solo: A Star Wars Story may end up being a bit of a dud.