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Solo: A Star Wars Story’s Ron Howard Teases A New Fate For L3-37

Director Ron Howard has some different ideas about the fate that may have befallen L3-37 in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Could we see the droid return one day?

It all felt quite familiar.

Solo: A Star Wars Story seemed to start killing off all of its new characters, a la Rogue One, as it progressed through its runtime. Before long, we’d lost Thandie Newton’s Val, Jon Favreau’s Rio Durant and the Phoebe Waller Bridge-voiced L3-37.

There was some respite though, as L3’s advanced navigational database is uploaded to the Millenium Falcon. However, whether or not her personality remains part of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy is another question entirely. Director Ron Howard has some different ideas about the fate that may have befallen L3 though, saying the following to Empire in a recent interview:

“Is there some way that Lando could rebuild L3? One would hope, wouldn’t you? Maybe the Falcon gets to keep a bit of that super-intelligence but Lando could maybe, somehow, someday find his way to reconstructing L3.”

Sounds like Howard’s getting all soppy in his old age. The sexual relationship between Lando and L3 (yep, that’s not a typo) is hinted at throughout the story and it’s fair to say that Lando’s a broken man once she’s gone offline. He certainly cares more than Cassian when K-2SO gets blazed in Rogue One, that’s for sure.

But as Lando legs it with the Millenium Falcon in the third act’s first sign of trouble, there’s every possibility that L3 gets re-modeled in his grief. We already know that he custom built the droid and in The Empire Strikes Back, we see his Cloud City is fitted with a handy-looking robot building plant. They have the technology, people.

Tell us, do you think we’ll be meeting L3-37 again in a future film in the franchise? Or was her swansong already seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story? Let us know in the comments section below.

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