Sombre New Clip For Logan Finds Wolverine With His Nose To The Grindstone


An uncharacteristically subdued Wolverine works to make ends meet in the sombre new clip for Logan, James Mangold’s R-rated actioner that finds Hugh Jackman’s cursed mutant at the end of his tether.

Without a single mutant birth in almost 20 years, Jackman’s jaded, world-weary anti-hero is now considered one of the last of his kind, and spends his days working as a limousine driver in order to care for Patrick Stewart’s ailing Professor X. It is, without question, a brutal, harrowing setup, and if you’ve been keeping track of the film’s smart marketing campaign thus far, you’ll no doubt be able to spy a handful of the black-and-white shots that were posted online some months ago – the newspaper clippings, the shot of Wolvie behind the wheel, you name it. Committed to his self-imposed exile somewhere near the Mexican border, Wolverine’s life is effectively upended upon crossing paths with Laura/X-23 (Dafne Keen), a young mutant who displays many of the same abilities that transformed him into a lethal killing machine in the first place.

And so, it’s at this point Logan evolves into an apocalyptic road movie, with Hugh Jackman’s protagonist shielding both Professor X and Laura from the “dark forces” that pursue them. Richard E. Grant’s Zander Rice is one such villain, while our unlikely trio will also have Boyd Holbrook – on board as Donald Pierce – and his team of Reavers to contend with.

Also starring Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook and Stephen Merchant as the mysterious Caliban, Logan is due to hit theaters across the globe on March 3rd. A world premiere is penciled in for this weekend’s 2017 Berlin Film Festival, which will stage its opening ceremony later today.

Logan Poster