Sonic The Hedgehog Expected To Dominate Box Office On Opening Weekend


Early estimates provided by analysts have ranked none other than Sonic The Hedgehog as most likely to be king of the box office next month.

Surprised? We are, too, considering a similar prediction several months ago would have garnered nothing but snorts of derision from anyone who had seen Paramount’s initial trailer. By now, any fan of Sega’s beloved video game mascot will be well aware of Sonic’s, let’s say, unfortunate original design. Criticized for looking more like a horror film monster than a modernized take on the cool, kid-friendly 90s icon, the filmmakers, rather than push through the negativity, decided a return to the drawing board was in order.

A few outstanding issues aside, Paramount’s expensive redesign has been welcomed with open arms by the blue hedgehog’s fanbase, not only for being a more loyal interpretation but for getting rid of those terrifying teeth. The trade-off for these last-minute changes has been a delayed release date, of course, with the film now scheduled to drop on February 14th.

The revised box office debut means 2020’s first video game adaptation will land on Valentine’s Day weekend and will compete with two other major releases. Alongside horror flick Fantasy Island and romcom The Photograph, all three will be vying for the lion’s share of ticket sales and according to Box Office Pro, it’ll be Sonic The Hedgehog to emerge victorious with an estimated opening gross of $20-30 million.

Marvel can rest assured that Black Panther‘s incredible opening weekend (released February 2018) won’t be topped anytime soon, then, but for a video game adaptation (one from a bygone era, no less), Sonic could do much worse. Whether or not the estimates will prove accurate is another matter entirely, but it’s a positive outlook, nonetheless.

Tell us, though, will you be heading to theaters to watch Sonic The Hedgehog next month, or do you remain skeptical? Let us know your thoughts in the usual place below!