Sonic The Hedgehog Getting Redesign Following Fan Backlash


Sonic The Hedgehog still isn’t due to hit theaters for several months, but it’s already making headlines across the internet. Granted, it’s largely for all the wrong reasons, but nevertheless, criticism that Sega’s mascot has attracted since the trailer’s release earlier this week at least proves one thing – loyalty. Indeed, fans of the 90s icon have collectively pushed back against Paramount’s depiction of the Blue Blur, with disapproval largely boiling down to his live-action incarnation looking nothing like the original.

In fact, one need only peruse the absolute roasting on Twitter by Sonic’s fanbase to reach that conclusion, though fear not – all is not lost just yet. In wake of the near-universal backlash aimed at the video game flick, Sonic The Hedgehog director Jeff Fowler braved social media in order to address the trailer’s poor reception. As is the norm, Fowler graciously accepted both the support and criticism so far received for the adaptation, though proceeded to drop a massive bombshell on his followers.

“The message is loud and clear… you aren’t happy with the design & you want changes,” said Fowler, followed simply with the promise of “It’s going to happen. Everyone at Paramount & Sega are fully committed to making this character the BEST he can be…”

Well, isn’t that a turn up for the books? That all parties involved are willing to cut their losses and hit the drawing board once more to give Sonic’s design a complete overhaul is welcome, to say the least, but the question of how the film reached this point still lingers.

Even as far back as the initial teasers, reactions to the character’s appearance have been mixed at best, so the outcry must have been somewhat expected, to say the least. Sega especially – which would no doubt have been consulted every step of the way – must have been aware of the inevitable fallout that would follow.

Ultimately though, what’s done is done. Sonic The Hedgehog is still on course for release in November and it’s reassuring to see that Hollywood isn’t averse to change, however rare the occasion may be.