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Sony celebrates the VOD charts getting absolutely Morbed

It's Morbin' time.


Morbin’ time has finally begun! Sony’s Morbius may have sunk like a stone on its theatrical release amidst terrible reviews and uninterested audiences, but now — finally — it’s seeing some kind of success.

The official Morbius Twitter account has posted a celebratory image announcing that Jared Leto’s wonky vampire caper is now the #1 movie on the Apple TV app (and according to FlixPatrol the top VOD movie in the USA).

It’s also notable that Morbius has also become something of a hit in the world of memes, perhaps because Jared Leto clearly takes himself very seriously and “Morbius” is just a silly name in general.

At this point, it’s worth pointing out that while Morbius broke records for the worst second-week drop of any tentpole superhero movie and dropped out of the top ten completely on its sixth weekend, it’s not technically a flop. It’s generally considered that a movie needs to make back double its budget to be profitable, and as of right now, it’s grossed $163 million against a roughly $80 million budget.

Those figures mean Morbius has squeaked over the line into profitability and will likely finish at around the $180 million mark once all’s said and done. This means that it’s merely a huge disappointment rather than an outright flop, though that may be scant relief to Sony as it tries to get its wobbly universe of Spider-Man side characters off the ground.

In the meantime, why not join the crowds and check out Morbius for yourself? It’s now available to rent online at all the usual places, and will soon be available as part of streaming subscription packages.

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