Sony Executive Teases A Full World Of Spider-Man Heroes And Villains


Over the summer, we heard that The Amazing Spider-Man 4 could potentially focus on other heroes instead of just everyone’s favorite web-slinger. Marc Webb had originally envisioned a trilogy of films, and he has been setting up the story to work in that structure. While he didn’t say that Spidey wouldn’t appear in number 4, he did make it sound as if that instalment of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise would have a slightly wider scope, with other characters at the forefront.

Today, Amy Pascal, the co-chairman of Sony Pictures, spoke to investors about what the studio has in the pipeline. During her presentation she said one thing in particular that definitely should have Spider-Man fans excited.

We are going to access Marvel’s full world of Spider-Man characters, so be on the lookout for new heroes and villains.

Now, there’s a chance she could just be referring to the next two sequels that have already been announced for 2016 and 2018, but any Spidey fan knows there are far more quality characters than could possibly be handled in a mere four films. So let’s assume she is indeed looking past what has been announced.

The possibilities are endless as to what they could do with the Spidey universe. It’s probably my favorite comic universe too, as the villains are fantastic and there are plenty of quality heroes to root for. While it doesn’t have the scope of the complete Marvel universe, there’s still more than enough that they could do with the characters to keep this franchise going for the foreseeable future. And as long as the money is coming in and there’s no dip in quality, I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t.

Just how expansive this Spider-Man world turns out to be will depend quite a bit on how well The Amazing Spider-Man 2 does at the box office. If it soars past the numbers of the first one, then we can look forward to quite a few more films coming from this new cinematic universe. If by some stroke of fate it flops then, we may not be so lucky. Only time will tell.

What do you think of more Spider-Man characters coming to the big screen? Are there any specific additions you’d like to see to The Amazing Spider-Man franchise? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.