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Sony fails to shut down the ‘Morbius’ Twitch party as users decide it’s Morbin’ time

Morbstreamin' is the new Twitch craze.

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Sony had high hopes for Morbius. Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto was on board, their first Spidey spin-off movie had been a hit, and everyone loves vampires, right? But, as we all know, it didn’t quite turn as out as planned. Morbius opened to terrible reviews and uninterested audiences, and sank like a stone on its second week of release.

But yesterday, Morbius was finally before a huge and adoring crowd… though Sony wasn’t exactly over the moon about it. A new account ‘Morbius247′ began streaming the film repeatedly, pointing out that (as always) “it’s Morbin’ time”. Sony brought the banhammer down, though that didn’t come into effect until the credits rolled. And honestly, the chat was some of the funniest stuff we’ve seen on Twitch:

Matt Smith’s dance scene got particular praise:

Even Twitch staff seemed to be enjoying themselves Morbin’ out:

But though ‘Morbius247has been banned, a thousand pretenders have risen up to take its place. Searching “Morbius” on Twitch will bring you to a bunch of streaming copies of the movie, with chats full of happy Morbheads morbin’ out. Like the mighty Hydra, you chop one head off and two others emerge, so we doubt Sony can stop this short of demanding Twitch block all Morbius content altogether.

If you want to watch Morbius legally, it’s available in all the usual places, but however you partake of Jared Leto’s vampire flop, it very much is Morb o’clock in the month of Morbvember on Twitch.

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