Sony Hack Reveals X-Men/Fantastic Four Crossover And Possible Aquaman Director


The Sony hack continues to reveal more golden nuggets of information today, as we’re now hearing of not only an X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover, but also a possible director for Aquaman. Of course, none of this is confirmed just yet, but The Daily Beast is reporting on quite a few tantalizing details.

First up is the X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover, which has been rumored for a long time now. According to an email from Sony’s Michael De Luca, Fox is “steering X-Men and Fantastic Four into an eventual team up film.” Again, we’ve heard about this before, so it’s not exactly surprising. In fact, it’s almost inevitable that the two properties will merge at some point. Still, this semi-confirmation does give more credence to the rumor, which is certainly an interesting one.

Next up is a little tidbit about a possible director for Warner Bros.’ Aquaman film. In the same email from De Luca, it’s revealed that Mud helmer Jeff Nichols is set to direct the flick. No further details were revealed about what the studio has planned for the Atlantean’s solo outing, but having Nichols behind the camera does make sense.

For one, he’s already working with Warner Bros. for his next effort, Midnight Special, and if they’re happy with what he’s done with that film, they very well could have offered him Aquaman. Like with the X-Men/Fantastic Four information though, this hasn’t been confirmed in any way, aside from De Luca’s email, and whether it pans out or not remains to be seen.

Tell us, do you think that an X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover could work? And do you think that Jeff Nichols is a good pick for Aquaman? Sound off below!