Sony Registers Web Domains For Possible BioShock Movie


A little over a year ago, BioShock‘s own Ken Levine pulled the plug on a potential movie adaptation of the highly-successful game. However, in a new twist, Sony Pictures has recently registered three web domains related to the BioShock franchise, according to

The report shows that Sony holds exclusive rights to, and While the websites have no content to speak of, strong rumours about a possible Bioshock adaptation will no doubt begin circulating once more, though the possibility of a movie has never truly gone away.

In fact, last month, Courtnee Draper, who voiced Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite, spoke to IGN about her interest in adapting the game to the big screen as well as reprising her role. She has even conferred with Levine about the cinematic concept.

Fans will no doubt be holding their breath until confirmation arises though, as it was Levine himself who killed the project after budget constraints put filming on hold back in 2010. He theorized that:

“Gore [Verbinski] wanted to make a hard R film. Then Watchmen came out, and it didn’t do well for whatever reason. The studio then got cold feet about making an R rated $200 million film, and they said what if it was an $80 million film – and Gore didn’t want to make an $80 million film.”

These latest reports may be evidence that the BioShock creator is contemplating bringing Rapture to the big screen once again, and with the domains now registered, I imagine it won’t be long before we hear something official, so stay tuned!

Source: Joystiq