Sony Reportedly Open To Morbius Appearing In MCU Movies


Now that Loki has let the cat out of the bag and confirmed that vampires exist out there somewhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we can all start speculating on whether Mobius M. Mobius was winking towards Mahershala Ali’s Blade reboot or the long-delayed solo debut for his almost namesake Morbius.

While the two bloodsucking blockbusters are obviously set up at different studios, the first trailer for Sony’s Morbius featured a surprise cameo from Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes, so there’s already a precedent set for MCU alumni to drop by, although it might just be in relation to characters from the extended Spider-Man mythos that the studio control the rights to.

However, the streaming arrangement recently agreed by Sony and Disney would indicate that the two parties are keen to continue working together in at least some capacity that doesn’t involved Tom Holland’s web-slinger or those he’s interacted with directly. To that end, tipster Mikey Sutton hints that the nod towards vampires in Loki could potentially open the door to Morbius sidling over to the MCU for a spell.

If Sony and Marvel can share Spider-Man and split billions of box office dollars, then it can’t be ruled out there’d be a desire to try branching out, which is likely dependent on how Jared Leto’s debut as Morbius fares when it finally hits theaters in January of next year. The Blade connection is the most obvious route to travel down given that the two comic book favorites have plenty of history on the printed page, and should the SPUMC crash and burn when Tom Hardy’s Venom isn’t front and center, then Sony might get increasingly desperate to leverage their Marvel properties by any means necessary.