Sony Reportedly Wants Venom In The MCU, But Marvel Really Doesn’t

Venom Poster Slice

When Venom arrived last year, there was a lot of talk about whether Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters related to the MCU in any way. Memorably, Sony’s Amy Pascal described the world of Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock as an “adjunct” to the Marvel Studios franchise. However, Kevin Feige waved that possibility away, saying the movie stood apart from Marvel’s output.

Still, that hasn’t stopped rumors and theories abound suggesting that there could be a proper crossover in the future. Perhaps with Hardy’s Venom hopping over to the MCU to appear in Spider-Man 3. Now, a new source has commented on the situation, revealing where the two studios stand on the matter of Venom.

Reddit user TheMarvelScoopMaster has appeared on the site over the past week sharing a lot of interesting info. One fan recently asked him if there was any truth in the chatter about the symbiote appearing in the MCU and the leaker revealed that it mostly comes down to “wishful thinking” from Sony as Marvel aren’t interested in tackling the anti-hero.

“I have. This is wishful thinking on Sony’s part but it won’t happen… The thing with Venom rumour is that this is what Sony wants, and Marvel has creative freedom. They won’t bring him in.”

The Redditor did warn, though, that it’s not out of the question that Sony could make a Venom crossover part of their deal when it comes to renegotiating terms with Marvel, though this would have a major knock-on effect going forward.

Now if they renegotiate someone may say ‘hey, add Venom or we walk’, but that would affect movies after Spider-Man 3.”

While it seems Marvel don’t want Venom in the MCU, previous reports have claimed that they have no say in preventing the reverse from happening. As Sony still own the rights to Spider-Man, Marvel Studios would have to allow them to use Tom Holland’s Peter Parker if they wanted him for a cameo role in Venom 2. This is something that Venom‘s director Ruben Fleischer has teased in the past, too.

Tell us, though, would you want to see Venom have a symbiotic relationship with the MCU? Sound off in the usual place below.