Sony Wants Ryan Gosling For Sinister Six, But He Wants A Role In Ghostbusters

ryan gosling

The leaks from the Sony hack continue today with news that the studio is very keen on working with Ryan Gosling. Apparently, the actor recently had a meeting with Sony exec Amy Pascal, who then told co-president of production for Columbia, Michael De Luca, that Gosling was interested in the Ghostbusters reboot. There’s said to be one major male role in the film and that’s the one that the Drive star has his eye on.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Pascal is hoping to bring Gosling in on a couple more of the studio’s projects, with word that she wants him to consider Sinister Six. No word on which role he would be playing, but there’s obviously some major interest from Sony in having the actor star in a few of their upcoming films.

What’s interesting to note here is that according to earlier leaks, the Sinister Six spinoff might be scrapped in favor of Marvel rebooting the property (in a 60/40 deal with Sony), with a new actor playing the webslinger. If that does indeed happen, could we possibly see Ryan Gosling taking on the role of Spidey? He’s notoriously picky with his projects, and might be getting a bit old for the part, but it’s definitely not outside the realm of possibility.

Tell us, would you like to see Ryan Gosling take on a role in any of the aforementioned films?