Sony’s Spider-Man Spinoff Silver & Black Reportedly Stuck In Development


Though Venom is looking pretty great and Morbius seems to be moving into production impressively quickly, the black sheep of the Spider-verse family, Silver & Black, sounds like it’s still stuck in development hell.

The film follows two prominent female characters in the Spiderverse, Silver Sablinova aka Silver Sable and Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat, and while not much else is known about the project at the moment other than that it’s set to be helmed by Cloak & Dagger director Gina Prince-Bythewood, things aren’t looking too good for it right now.

Apparently frustrated with the slow pace of development, the aforementioned director has temporarily jumped ship to Old Guard, which looks set to shoot fairly soon. That film’s about a small group of immortal soldiers who’ve been working as mercenaries throughout the ages, only to have their cover blown by a nefarious organization that’s been spying on them. This is the first I’ve heard of it, and hey, it actually sounds pretty damn awesome.

But that leaves Silver & Black in limbo. Prince-Bythewood remains attached to direct, but there’s no shooting scheduled, no casting decisions made and no targeted release date. Right now, the film going ahead is probably contingent on how well Venom does.

With the Tom Hardy-led pic set to be released on October 5th and Morbius set to follow in roughly the same release slot a year later, the broad plan may be for Silver & Black to take the October 2020 release window. This should give Prince-Bythewood enough time to get Old Guard in the can before heading back to the Spidey spinoff in time for shooting in late 2019.

Personally, I really hope the film happens. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Black Cat character from a childhood of reading Spidey comics. Sure, she’s kind of a ripoff of Catwoman, but she’s always good fun whenever she shows up.