Here’s How Sophie Turner Could Look As The DCEU’s Supergirl

Superman Supergirl

Sophie Turner has already made her mark on the comic book movie world thanks to her turn as Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix, but now that the Fox franchise is kaput, she’s free to hop over to another superhero universe as a different iconic super-powered character. So, how about having the Game of Thrones star join the DCEU as Supergirl? That’s what this awesome fan art pitches, at least.

Digital artist ApexForm has shared his latest piece on social media, depicting Turner in the Girl of Steel’s blue and red threads, floating above the Earth and with heat vision eyes glowing. In his caption, the artist wonders if we might be getting a surprise casting announcement for Supergirl at this weekend’s DC FanDome. There’s no indication that this is happening, but Turner would probably be a pretty popular choice for the part.

Of course, Warner Bros. has been trying to get a Supergirl movie off the ground for the past few years, but it’s yet to take to the skies. The hold-up seems to be to do with the studio’s confusion over what they want to do with Superman. For instance, should Kara Zor-El’s film be a spinoff or a reboot? As it happens, the latest word has it that WB has shelved the project for the moment as they refocus their efforts on Kara’s more famous cousin.

This doesn’t mean Supergirl won’t still be introduced into the franchise soon, though, as she could feature in a supporting capacity in a Man of Steel sequel. Or maybe even elsewhere in the DCEU, like Black Adam? Whether Turner could be in with a shot of landing the job, though, we don’t know. She’s not a particularly common fan cast for the character, but as you can see from this artwork, she would certainly look the part.