You Can Sort Of Watch The New Trailer For The Dark Knight Rises

So, it has come to this has it? The viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises launched this morning and already things are in full effect. I said earlier that when these viral campaigns occur, it’s better to just sit back and let the eager beavers do the work, right? Well, that’s exactly what has happened today. I sat back and watched as rabid fans went to work, and oh what fine work they have done.

For those who are uninformed, the new viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises was launched in an effort to unlock stills from the upcoming trailer that is set to debut with The Avengers this Friday. So far, most of the stills have been unlocked and of course, someone had the brilliant idea to combine them all into an animated .GIF to create a silent mini-trailer for the film.

So yes, while it is silent and not exactly the real deal, it still is rather interesting and definitely worth a watch. The stills look a lot better when played as an animated .GIF and you can get a pretty good idea of what the trailer will feature.

You can check out the “sort of” trailer below and all the individual frames here.

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