Director Jose Padilha Updates Us On Robocop Remake

MGM’s Robocop reboot is picking up steam, as casting is getting underway and Chris Pine is reportedly on the top of the list to play the cyborg cop. Director Jose Padilha, best known for Elite Squad, is directing the new take on the classic ’80s sci-fi pic that was directed by Paul Verhoeven.

We’ve come across a video soundbite from Padilha himself that sheds a little light on how Robocop is coming along. He talks about how it feels to be filming a blockbuster (at least, he hopes it will be), and the transition from documentary work to fiction film work. He also talks about maintaining the political satire that Verhoeven established in the original Robocop.

The original Robocop spawned a franchise full of silly sequels, though the original stands as a seminal ’80s sci-fi pic. Peter Weller brought Robocop to life in the original, and I feel the choice of who will play Robocop in the reboot might make or break the film. Since Verhoeven had such a unique voice, particularly concerning violence, it’s a good thing that Padilha also has a strong voice when it comes to inner-city violence, just look at Elite Squad.

Check out the clip below and let us know what you think about the upcoming remake.

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