It Sounds Like The Fantastic Four And X-Men Are No Closer To Entering The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Fantastic Four

For a very long time, the thought of Spider-Man joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe was nothing more than a fantasy in the minds of fans. That’s what made the deal between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios so surprising, and while the latter’s relationship with Fox doesn’t seem to be as good, many hope that the Fantastic Four and X-Men could follow the wall-crawler.

Well, despite the epic failure of last year’s Fantastic Four reboot and the fact that X-Men: Apocalypse underperformed both critically and financially, it doesn’t sound like anything has changed between the two studios. Here’s what Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige had to say about where things stand between them in a recent interview to promote Doctor Strange.

“Well, it’s the same as it has always been. I don’t want to attribute it as a frozen wasteland or anything like that. We all get along and I see them occasionally but there’s no change in any dynamic.”

So, for the time being, we can forget seeing The Avengers meet the X-Men. It could still happen somewhere down the line of course, but it’s not like Marvel needs them at this stage.

Regardless, it seems far more likely that we’ll see the Fantastic Four return home than the X-Men. After all, Fox have now produced three major disappointments featuring those characters and lost a lot of money on the last one, so the rights reverting as they did with the likes of Daredevil and Ghost Rider is definitely plausible.

For now though, don’t get your hopes up.

Source: Collider