It Sounds Like Nicole Kidman’s Wonder Woman Role Is Still Up For Grabs


Warner Bros. are obviously a long way behind Marvel when it comes to their DC Comics adaptations, but they’re making up for that by enlisting some A-List talent for the likes of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Wonder Woman. For a time, it appeared as if one of those would be Nicole Kidman, but we now know that unfortunately, the actress won’t be on board.

However, her role – which is believed to be Wonder Woman’s mother Hippolyta – is still up for grabs and was not taken by House of Cards star Robin Wright as some have previously claimed.

Here’s what Variety reporter Justin Kroll recently had to say about where things currently stand with the deal:

As you know Kidman’s dates didn’t work out so they are trying to figure out whether to just give Robin Wright that role or find another star. Don’t know what role Wright currently has but it isn’t Hippolyta like others believed, it’s actually another role. In fact Wright’s deal for her unknown role had closed before Kidman even had an offer, so we’ll just have to see what ends up happening.

So, while it appears as if Wright could end up taking on the role of Wonder Woman’s mother, there’s still a chance that someone else will be drafted in to take on what looks set to be a fairly high profile gig. Chances are that the studio will want a bigger name for Hippolyta, but with production on Wonder Woman already underway, they may not have time to find one.