Sounds Like Those Terminator Genisys Sequels Are On Indefinite Hold


When Terminator Genisys was announced, the plan was for it to be the first in a trilogy of new Terminator movies. With Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) at the helm and a cast which included the returning Arnold Schwarzenegger alongside the likes of Jason Clarke and Emilia Clarke, it was hard to see how it could possibly go wrong, but that soon changed when the first trailer was released. The fact that the second one spoiled a major plot twist certainly didn’t help matters, and the reviews which later followed were pretty brutal.

Its box office performance wasn’t much better in North America, but an impressive haul overseas – and specifically in China – made the possibility of a sequel at least somewhat plausible.


Well, despite earning $440 million on a budget of around $155 million, those plans for a trilogy of Terminator movies and even a spinoff TV series have been put on indefinite hold, due to the fact that the movie is likely to still lose money.

A lot of dough was spent promoting Terminator Genisys, and its dismal debut domestically was still a real blow to the franchise, so you can appreciate why those plans have been frozen. There’s a chance of course that the studio could decide to try again (this time with a better creative team behind the scenes and hopefully a lot less terrible CGI in order to bring the budget down), but for now, don’t expect to see more Terminator any time soon.

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