Source Code 2 In Development With Outlander’s Anna Foerster Attached To Direct


Variety reports that a sequel to the 2011 sci-fi sleeper success, Source Code, has been given the greenlight with Outlander helmer Anna Foerster attached to direct. Source Code 2 – its current imaginative title – will be once again produced by The Mark Gordon Company and Vendome, the two outfits responsible for the first outing. Original screenwriter Ben Ripley is also returning to the franchise to pen the new script for this latest offering.

The original flick, directed by Duncan Jones, cast Jake Gyllenhaal as an ex-Military man implanted into another person’s body for the final eight minutes of their existence. Working to stop a bomb from destroying a main train station in Chicago, Gyllenhaal is repeatedly sent back to the beginning of the eight minutes to figure out how to prevent the catastrophe. Michelle Monaghan, Jeffrey Wright and Vera Farmiga all co-starred in the flick, which raked in an impressive $147 million worldwide.

The report goes on to verify that at this point, there’s no acting talent or distribution attached to the sequel. With Foerster on board, TMGC and Vendomme will likely be setting the wheels in motion to get this project moving closer to production. The German filmmaker has collaborated previously with The Mark Gordon Company, albeit on the small screen, directing episodes for their shows Criminal Minds and Army Wives.

Perhaps her most interesting working relationship is with Roland Emmerich. A cursory glance across their collaborative movies indicates their shared loved of big blockbusters; Foerster worked as Emmerich’s DP on White House Down, Anonymous, 10,000 B.C. and The Day After Tomorrow, and tackled visual effects work on Independence Day. Could this mean we’re in for a cocksure, brazen sequel to one of the best sci-fis of the last decade? More importantly, how does that sit with you?

Let us know what you make of Source Code 2 in the comments, and we’ll keep you posted with any new developments.